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    Note. Where special instructions are referred to in the rules, they refer to Superintendent's bulletin, or timetable special instructions.

    A. Employes whose duties are prescribed by these rules must have a copy of them accessible when on duty.

    Employes whose duties are in any way affected by the timetable must have a copy of the current timetable with them while on duty.

    B. Employes must be conversant with and obey the rules and special instructions. While the rules are subdivided for convenience, they must be observed whenever they relate in any way to the proper discharge of the duties of an employe. When applicable, rules that apply to Conductor and Engineer wil also apply to Herder and/or Hostler. If in doubt as to their meaning, they must apply to th eapropriate authority for an explanation.

    The location of Bulletin and Notice Books will be designated in special instructions.

    Rules must not be changed or cancelled except by special instructions.

    Bulletins will be issued by authority and over the signature of the Superintendent. Before starting a trip or starting to work, Yardmasters, train and engine crews must read bulletins and notices and sign for bulletins in the place provided in the Bulletin Book.

    C. Employes must pass the required examinations, and must attend an operating rules class at least every two years or more often when required.

    E. Employes must render every assistance in their power in carrying out the rules and special instructions and must report promptly to the proper official any violation thereof.

    F. Accidents, or any unusual conditions which may affect the movement of trains, must be promptly reported by the first available means of communication ot the proper authority.

    G. The use of intoxicants or narcotics by employes subject to duty, or their possesion or use while on duty or on company property is prohibited.

    H. The use of tobacco by employes on duty while serving patrons is prohibited.

    J. Employes must report for duty at the designated time and place and be neat in appearance. In passenger service, they must wear the prescribd badge and uniform.

    K. All verbal instructions affecting train or engine movements, or involving equipment or track conditions, must be repeated back by the employe receiving them.

    M-1. Employes are not required or expected to pursue a dangerous practice in the performance of their duties, or to use defective appliances. The company enjoins them to take time to perform their duties safely.

    Employes must take care to avoid injury to themselves or others. They must observe the condition of equipment and the tools which they use in performing their duties and when found defective will, if practicable, put them in a safe condition, reporting defects to the proper authority.

    They must inform themselves as to the location of structures or obstructions where clearances are close.

    Employes are prohibited from riding or walking on the roof of any moving car.

    Employes will not ride footboards of an engine.

    They must expect movement or trains, engines or cars at any time, on any track, in either direction.

    M-2. Whenevr an employe is injured the officer or employe in charge must make an immediate inspection and report of the condition of the particular equipment, tools or machinery involved as provided by special instructions.

    Whenever an accident occurs involving personal injury to, or damage to property belonging to passengers, employes, the company, or others, an immediate wire report must be made on FOrm CJ-76 or CJ-8; in addition, every employe having any knowledge or information concerning such accident or the cause thereof, shall, before his tour of duty ends, or as soon thereafter as possible, make a complete report in duplicate on for CJ-68 giving in detail all the information he has which in any way bears upon the accident, regardless of whether or not such information is favorable or unfavorable to the Company, its employes, ir the injured person; such report shall be signed and immediately forwarded to his superior officer, who will transmit it to the Superintendent.

    In the event a passenger train is involved in an accident, the Conductor must have passengers complete Form CJ-99 as provided by special instructions.

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