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    Note. The terms "clear block" or "occupied block" as used in these rules refer only to trains moving in the same direction and apply only outside yard limits. Opposing trains will be governed by timetable or train order authority with respect to each other.

    Except as provided by Rule D-251, Manual Block Rules 230 to D-238, inclusive, shall not be in effect except as designated by special instructions.

    230. The train order signal will also be used as a manual block signal and will be referred to in these rules as the signal.

    On portions of the road in which these rules are in effect, the normal position of the signal is STOP.

    231. The operator will not clear the signal for a train following another train until the leading train has passed the signal at the next station in advance, or has cleared the main track at an intermediate point, or the movement is protected by train order. The authority of the Train Dispatcher must be secured for such a movement.

    The signal must be immediately displayed to indicate STOP after rear of train has passed and the Operator reports to the Train Dispatcher: "..... (Train) ..... by ..... (Time) ..... m, STOP signal displayed (adding the direction)".

    232. When authorized by the Train Dispatcher, a following movement may be permitted by Clearance Form A, listing trains ahead. Trains so authorized must proceed prepared to stop short of trains ahead within the designated limits. When facilities are not available to deliver Clearance Form A, this information may be given verbally by the Train Dispatcher.

    233. A train order office must not be closed until the track section between the next open train order office in each direction is clear of all trains,unless proper protection is provided for each train.

    A train operating on an occupied block must not accept a CLEAR signal indication at any intermediate office which was due to open after such train passed the  last open office without receiving Clearance Form A or permission of the Train Dispatcher.

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