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Opened Be the Gates of Heaven

This is perhaps best used as an introit. I wrote it for the installation of the Rev. Barbara Seras as rector of St. Marks Episcopal Church in Highland, Maryland.

Jacob said, "Surely the LORD is in this place,
How dreadful is this place!
This is none other than the house of God,
And this is the gate of heaven!"

Opened be the gates of heaven,
Enter we this holy hall,
Singing praises to our savior:
Jesus Christ, the Lord of all.
Let us enter, letus sing
Prayers and praises to our king.

Come now, join the sacred banquet
Come and taste the mystic feast
Given by the saving victim:
Jesus Christ, our great high preist.
Let us kneel before the LORD
Who his people has restored.

Worship be to God the Father,
Worship be to God the Son,
Worship be to God the Spirit,
To the LORD, the THree in One.
Let us lift our hearts to Thee,
O Most MIghty Trinity.

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