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Updated June 1999

Silver Spring

These views date from 1984 and predate the removal of the team tracks, the accident which stove in the front door, and the maze of chain link fence which currently envelops the station grounds..

Silver Spring Station ca. 1984

This shows the station from the "East"; the view is actually almost due North. The bit of black railing near the center the the picture surrounds a staircase to a pedestrain tunnel running under the tracks. In the distance to the left, the private car sits in the team tracks; the Dover Harbor resided here at the time and (assuming it was not out on the road) would be hidden by the station in this view.

Silver Spring Station ca. 1984
This view looks in the opposite direction. The railroad and Metro tracks are just out of the picture to the right; there is also a very small waiting room, long unused, directly accross from the station. To the left are the team tracks.

Strates Show Car in Silver Spring
Here's a visitor in the team tracks. Strates Shows still travels by train today, and interestingly, their cars are not marked with the 'X' of private cars.

Dover Harbor in Silver Spring
Here's the Dover Harbor back when it lived in Silver Spring. Its appearance has not changed since it was moved to its current location North of Laurel. For other views and more information, you may visit its website.

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