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The Episcopal Church: Official site
The Diocese of Maryland: Official site
soc.religion.christian archives: Includes link to CCEL archives
The Slavic Male Chorus of Washington: I sing with these guys
The Maryland State Boychoir: My son sings with these guys

Pages at This Site

MD Railfanning: A guide for visitors Now at trainweb.org
My Old Roses: Some info on the varieties I grow
My Music: Some folksong arrangements and some of my church music

Last Updated October 2002 with new rose comments
Welcome to my homepage. Pretty bare, eh? Well, I don't want to spend a lot of time festooning this with graphics which take a lot of time to transmit and don't say much. And I'm sure everyone is burning with curiosity to see what my kids and my wife's cats and I look like, right?

I think not.

The main attraction (I hope it's an attraction) is the guide to Maryland railfanning, which lives at trainweb.org. I've have some images of stations in the area, but I have a long way to go in that respect; I'm also working on entering the 1969 B&O/C&O employee rule book. I've included links to a some other sites which give different coverage of the same area.

I've also added a smattering of info on some of my gardening interests, and some music I have arranged or written. I have included a few links of some general interest to myself, mostly having to do with the Episcopal Church.

I don't have any collections of lists or stories or jokes that I saw on someone else's site or that someone e-mailed me. Mangoe's First Law of Computing: "A computer is a device for the amplification of human error." Am I the only person who is irritated when I do a search on something that happens to be included in one of these stories, and I have to sift through a gajillion copies of "the soldier in the train station"," or "the priest, the lawyer, and the engineer", or "What I would do if I were an evil overlord" (which was funny the first time, but not the hundredth time)?

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