My Musical Selections

These are some MIDI files I have made, both of folk tunes and of my own compositions. The folk tunes can also be found at Leslie Nelson's site, but she has modified the sound of them slightly. These are the original versions. I've also written a number of pieces for choirs or small groups of singers. Finally, I am putting on some of my wife's songs. All arrangements copyright 1999,2000 by Charles Wingate. You may copy the folksong arrangements for your personal use as long as you retain the copyright notice. All commercial use or further distribution is prohibited.

Folksong and Shanty Arrangements

The Trees They Do Grow High
The Twa Corbies
The Devil and Baliff McGlynn
Rolling Down to Old Maui
The Eddystone Light

Church Music

Opened Be the Gates of Heaven
Let Us, As One

Peregrynne's Songs

Song of the Shield Wall